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Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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  • 게시일 2018. 02. 28.
  • Jennifer Lawrence takes a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Is she a bad tipper? Does Amy Schumer text her too much? Does she have a favorite brother? Does she know anyone in the Illuminati? Find out all that and more and watch Jennifer take a polygraph exam. Jennifer Lawrence stars in "Red Sparrow" in theaters on March 2nd.
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    Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair
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  • creamyeggs
    creamyeggs 2 년 전 +31236

    The way she said “I feel like every body hates me” broke my heart..

    • Jonathan Berry
      Jonathan Berry 4 일 전

      Wish there was some way to tell her that most people don't hate her, and that those that do either aren't worth worrying about, or their opinion is worthless at the very least. Some celebs might be hated but she's not one of them.

    • Tom Thibodeau
      Tom Thibodeau 4 일 전

      Me too. And I really believed her. :-(

    • naturellebella
      naturellebella 5 일 전

      Because of the internet. :(

    • Matthew Nyman
      Matthew Nyman 8 일 전

      I believe I should die

    • Jonathan Berry
      Jonathan Berry 개월 전

      Jennifer, I don't think anybody that matters hates you.

  • Vietha Tran
    Vietha Tran 년 전 +1161

    "You have a moral dilemma-"
    He didn't even tell her the dilemma yet😂

    • sibahle Sibz
      sibahle Sibz 개월 전 +8

      She got nervous over the illuminati questions 😂😂

    • sinnombre
      sinnombre 7 개월 전 +25

      I was cracking up

  • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
    Ellie-Hope Suzanne 2 개월 전 +231

    6:10 "Do you believe in the afterlife?"
    "I don't know. No, leaning more towards no. I feel like it's just a reaction to innate narcissism that we just believe that we can't not exist."
    I love that.

    • HiMyName IsNeo
      HiMyName IsNeo 3 일 전

      @Simone V I personally think we exist in all places at all times just we're concentrated into our bodies for the time being

    • Ellie-Hope Suzanne
      Ellie-Hope Suzanne 4 일 전

      @E D G That's a good point, I (narcissistic 😅) have thought about that before - although I think that people worry a lot more than they should that saying "I think" is narcissistic. I think that it depends if you have a person who thinks that their thoughts are always right/their thoughts are the best etc. Then that would be narcissistic in my opinion... don't know if that made sense but yeah 😅😂

    • E D G
      E D G  4 일 전 +1

      "I think..." maybe thinking is narcissistic :|

    • Simone V
      Simone V 18 일 전 +2

      @HiMyName IsNeo Oh, no offense taken! I was genuinely curious about why you find it narcissistic to believe we only exist right now 😊

    • HiMyName IsNeo
      HiMyName IsNeo 19 일 전

      @Simone V just my opinion, no offense meant

  • Anita Mlem
    Anita Mlem 4 개월 전 +165

    I love her personality. She's so genuine, funny, honest, down earth & humble.

    • eiffelviolet
      eiffelviolet 3 개월 전

      No, no, no. She's been really mean a few times.

  • warhorse20
    warhorse20 년 전 +454

    I hope she never loses her honesty and sense of humor.

  • Aanishka
    Aanishka 2 년 전 +13266

    “Why are you nervous?”
    “Because I feel like everybody hates me...”
    “Because of the internet...”
    this made me so sad, don't worry jen i love you and your funny and amazing just the way you are

    • Piece D
      Piece D 개월 전

      Why whould she even care about what others think about her ?
      What a waste of time

    • Derekjcb
      Derekjcb 2 개월 전 +1

      She wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for the internet

    • Unknown temptation
      Unknown temptation 2 개월 전

      Fr fr.

    • shan khan
      shan khan 3 개월 전

      @Lana !! what's your point?

    • Lana !!
      Lana !! 3 개월 전

      @shan khan well duh if she wasn’t famous she wouldn’t be known lmao

  • Asif Baig
    Asif Baig 2 일 전 +1

    Not gonna lie, this is by far and still the most entertaining Lie Detector Tests of all times.

  • ella fant
    ella fant 년 전 +84

    I love how seriously she’s taking this ❤️ she’s so genuine

  • Le Monarque
    Le Monarque 년 전 +358

    I like how Jennifer believes the afterlife is a product of human narcissism because we think we can't not exist.

    • TheSphinx
      TheSphinx 3 일 전

      @Jesus Christ has cleansed us with his blood Jesus loves us soooo much because we are narcissists and love ourselves soooo much

    • Justina Rezk
      Justina Rezk 개월 전 +2

      @Jesus Christ has cleansed us with his blood As a Christian, I agree.

    • Jesus Christ has cleansed us with his blood
      Jesus Christ has cleansed us with his blood 3 개월 전 +4

      I believe we are souls and Jesus makes our souls live after we die

    • Diana S
      Diana S 6 개월 전 +2

      For me it’s more because I can’t bear the thought that I won’t see my loved ones that died again

  • Marshmallow Sketches
    Marshmallow Sketches 3 개월 전 +38

    Her saying because everybody hates me actually broke my heart because she’s been the light at the end of the tunnel for me my entire life and I’ve been through some pretty rough stuff but she’s like always been the one person I could like look up too, and she’s always just been such a huge inspiration for me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. I am so beyond thankful for Jennifer. I could never hate her

    • olivia
      olivia 17 일 전 +1

      @Marshmallow Sketches i think maybe it's because people thought her personality was annoying like one of those "i'm so quirky i love food" type of girls (still a dumb reason to hate someone) lol but once the internet picks someone to hate theres nothing you can do about it i guess!

    • Marshmallow Sketches
      Marshmallow Sketches 18 일 전 +1

      @olivia I don’t get it either. Maybe I’m biased because she basically saved my life but honestly she seems like such a non problematic, funny, honest person and I really do not get how anyone could not like her

    • olivia
      olivia 2 개월 전 +2

      i really dont understand why a lot of people seem to dislike her

  • Lewis Justice
    Lewis Justice 2 년 전 +9717

    How can anyone hate her? She’s honest, She’s kind and she’s beautiful inside and out!

    • Jaia Halliday
      Jaia Halliday 7 일 전 +1

      And so genuinely funny

    • Ireallyreally Hategoogle
      Ireallyreally Hategoogle 21 일 전

      You answered your own question.
      Some people hate honest, kind and beautiful people.

      RAFAEL MENNA 개월 전

      @D. Frag He wanted to say feminism extremist

    • BiggestDawgEver
      BiggestDawgEver 개월 전

      The wrong people hate her because she is strong, smart, funny, independent, self possessed and honest(brutally so at times). The right people love for the same things. Sadly hate is louder than love, but it doesn't last as long.

  • Sean Previl
    Sean Previl 년 전 +148

    Jeez, Jennifer's answer to the afterlife was quite insightful.

    • G Nee
      G Nee 8 개월 전 +7

      @James Banbury that’s just your opinion, besides if there really was a god do you really think we’d see it. Realistically speaking there’s no proof that there is a god, but there’s no proof that there isn’t one either. So both ways of thinking are okay. So let the person believe in Jesus or a God if they want to.

    • G Nee
      G Nee 8 개월 전 +6

      @James Banbury how do you know he doesn’t exist?

    • James Banbury
      James Banbury 년 전 +6

      @urmom someone who doesnt exist cant love something that does exist

    • urmom
      urmom 년 전 +7

      Jesus loves you ❤️

  • Larissa
    Larissa 년 전 +380

    who else needs a "Tom Holland Takes a Lie Detector Test"

    • crazy gamer
      crazy gamer 8 개월 전 +9

      If they ask "what happens in the next marvel film", he would spoil it even off the lie detector

    • ChrisKing
      ChrisKing 년 전 +13

      He gone fail real quick

  • T Q
    T Q 년 전 +39

    She’s so awkward and I love her. I hope she tips better after this

  • Ashley
    Ashley 년 전 +58

    I don’t understand how people hate Jen. She is such an amazing person and actress. She is my idol and I love watching her on the big screen.

  • Master Ace
    Master Ace 4 년 전 +22873

    “Why are you nervous?”
    “Because I feel like everybody hates me...”
    “Because of the internet...”
    Well... that’s some pretty heavy stuff, poor her...

    • Clovipa
      Clovipa 6 개월 전

      @Flat Earth Reality You can think what you want but It doesn't mean it's true

    • Your playlist
      Your playlist 7 개월 전

      Why would anybody hate her?
      Hate is a pretty strong word

  • zoe diggory
    zoe diggory 년 전 +169

    i’m so sad about how she said “everybody hates me” like she is literally my favourite celebrity in the WORLD and i want her to know that ugghhh she’s so funny and normal like omggg

  • Le Monarque
    Le Monarque 년 전 +468

    Jennifer: *looks at the lie detector*
    Interrogator: Where are you looking?
    Jennifer: Nothin', where are you looking?
    Interrogator: I'm looking for the truth.
    *_S a v a g e_*

    • Le Monarque
      Le Monarque 10 개월 전 +1

      @urmom I don't care

    • urmom
      urmom 년 전 +5

      Jesus loves you ❤️

  • lakin bake
    lakin bake 7 개월 전 +4

    This is still my favorite interview/lie detector test. She’s hilarious.

  • Fritz
    Fritz 년 전 +2

    Jennifer is one of the most genuine people on the planet.
    I don't see how anyone could truly dislike her. Maybe envy her - I could see that!
    I'd like to attend a party she is present at. I can't imagine anyone funnier!

  • Artificial Insolence
    Artificial Insolence 2 년 전 +9581

    "Would you date a non-celebrity?"
    Ok, I'm booking a ticket to L.A. *right now!*

  • AlmostHarmless
    AlmostHarmless 개월 전 +1

    To me she seems like an ordinary girl that is blessed with good looks, a brain and great acting skills who was propelled to stardom without her even seeking it. She is honest to a fault, even without a lie detector.

  • Ussi
    Ussi 10 일 전 +5

    Jen - the internet hates everyone!
    There are few celebrities as lovable, authentic and hilarious as you.
    You're the BEST! 😘

  • only me
    only me 2 개월 전 +1

    Just proves that when Jeniffer is asked things in interviews she's just being real

  • sbc
    sbc 3 개월 전 +2

    I love Jen. She’s honest, kind and down to earth person. Beautiful on the inside and outside.

  • Flynn Carter
    Flynn Carter 2 년 전 +18364

    Welcome to another episode of "where the quarantine has led me today "

    • Jessica Diz
      Jessica Diz 개월 전

      Lol same same

    • Stephen Hipp
      Stephen Hipp 개월 전

      Been waiting for you

    • Wesley Tietz
      Wesley Tietz 2 개월 전

      It wasn't a pandemic 4 years ago. So no.

    • Majora
      Majora 4 개월 전 +1

      this made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂

  • bad mojo
    bad mojo 7 개월 전 +1

    If any actors or actresses want to know what makes Jennifer so effective check out how seriously she takes telling the truth and her vulnerability while doing it. They ar softball questions for sure but I think she would probably reveal a lot about herself before she would start to conceal herself. This commitment is a big part of her talent.

  • Evie
    Evie 년 전 +19

    I can’t imagine how stressful this would be... I feel so bad, like sometimes she looked as though she might cry... I just want to give her a hug ahaha

  • hicham MA
    hicham MA 년 전 +22

    she's so sweet and honest. why would everybody hate her!? I felt so sad when she said that in the beginning

  • AnnaLee4Ever
    AnnaLee4Ever 년 전 +4

    People that hate this woman must have no sense of humor. She's incredibly talented, natural and gorgeous. Ofc she's gonna have haters. Rock on! you're amazing.

  • Champ A
    Champ A 2 년 전 +14568

    They should do it tom Holland he will split out all the spoilers 🤣

  • 𝓐𝓷𝓪
    𝓐𝓷𝓪 년 전 +34

    I love how she answers the questions so fast.

  • shrek4lifers
    shrek4lifers 5 개월 전 +18

    watching this three years later and it still breaks my heart when she says “because i feel like everyone hates me… because of the internet”

  • MrWhelts
    MrWhelts 7 개월 전 +2

    I want to go on a drinking session with Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock .......... Don't think we'd stop laughing.

  • J P
    J P 개월 전 +1

    We love you, JL! Talent, brains, and beauty!

  • Lex Blazer
    Lex Blazer 4 년 전 +6593

    Well THIS is an interesting video....lol more celebrities taking polygraphs!

    • Faria Sanem
      Faria Sanem 10 개월 전

      why she took this test, she was so nervous

    • Chrismofer
      Chrismofer 3 년 전 +1

      check eric andre for jack black on a lie detector test

    • Choice777
      Choice777 4 년 전

      at 2:37 towards 2:38 she anticipated being asked about herself using a dating app and she she decided to lie before the question was even asked. that upper line is linked to questioning alternatives on the spot/indecisiveness and middle line is about guilt/embarrassment.

    • NotActuallyLee
      NotActuallyLee 4 년 전

      Lex Blazer

  • Patrik Pontos
    Patrik Pontos 년 전 +15

    She's wonderful.....so beautiful, so talented, so funny. Why would anybody hate her?

  • Skinniest Kween
    Skinniest Kween 년 전 +5

    I love Jennifer so much.❤️❤️✨
    She's an icon and I feel like the reason why some people hate her is because of all the success she's garnered at such a young age.
    Some women are intimidated by the success of other women and try to tear them down. Some men can't handle a woman being so successful and respecting herself and refuse to sexualize herself, so they hate her for that.
    In my book, she deserves all the love for being herself. ❤️❤️❤️ Idc what people say. JENNIFER LAWRENCE IS AN ICON

  • Doreen Banks
    Doreen Banks 2 개월 전 +10

    13:55 Hermosa elección XTINDER.Uno _de los mejores conciertos_
    13:23 Senada: ''Hermoso''
    13:23 Megan: ''Hotter''
    13:23 Hopi: ''Sweeter''
    13:23 Joonie: ''Cooler''
    13:23 Yoongi: ''Butter''
    13:23 Amor: ''Momentos''
    13:23 Alfiora: ''Preety''
    13:23 Alana: ''Awesome''
    21:55 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.

  • Emily Frasier
    Emily Frasier 9 개월 전 +11

    “Great now we’ve proven that I’m psycho” I love her 😂💛

  • Bella
    Bella 2 년 전 +8557

    “I can’t believe I’m rich and a bad tipper... that’s heartbreaking” lol

    • Robin Titan Studios
      Robin Titan Studios 14 일 전

      She's better off you not watching lol.
      Tips aren't a compulsory mandate and it doesn't determine the kindness and generosity of a person's heart. People receive salaried. Tip is just a cultural thing that has now been twisted by workers into an obligation customers have to them. Get real.
      I know life is hard and the tips help a lot but to judge people based on how they tip is just wrong

    • Lisle007
      Lisle007 개월 전

      @Lily Sanchez in our country we don't usually have tips.. If you live here you'll be offended all the time.

    • Celebrity Angle
      Celebrity Angle 개월 전

      @BRIDGET KEISER exactly not to YOU, we need to learn to tolerate others opinions and believes!

    • Maddy Moore
      Maddy Moore 개월 전

      @Grandmaster Gatts not to mention her wealth is greatly earned

    • Green Comforts Kitchen
      Green Comforts Kitchen 2 개월 전

      @GATEKEEPER BOXING nope. Never worked in the food service industry. 🤮 I don't have the patience. Nor the fake smiles 2 give 🤣

  • delfokronic
    delfokronic 년 전 +4

    She's the absolute best. How can the Internet not like her. ❤️

  • star🌟
    star🌟 5 개월 전 +2

    I keep on smiling watching this! ☺️

    YEEZY 2 개월 전 +4

    "my hair looked fabulous that night"
    The detector detected a lie 😂😂😂

  • Serial Roaster
    Serial Roaster 년 전 +3

    I have never watched any of her movie but I dont know why I love her so much! Her attitude is🔥🔥🔥!
    So highly charismatic she is!!
    How can someone hate her!!

  • Mara
    Mara 년 전 +3932

    The guy: "Do you tip well?"
    Jennifer: "Yes"
    Also Jennifer: *looks at the detector girl*
    The girl: 👁👄👁
    Jennifer: "I'm a bad tipper....okay"

    • S R Castic
      S R Castic 13 일 전 +4

      Actually, that doesn’t mean she’s a bad tipper. The machine can’t know that. It just means she isn’t confident that she’s always a good tipper.

    • Juan Marin
      Juan Marin 10 개월 전 +1


    • Sabby Cubby
      Sabby Cubby 년 전 +3


      KENTAKI 년 전 +4

      mara's tutorials LMAOOOO AHHAHAHA

  • Marley
    Marley 년 전 +63

    Why does she seem so sad 😭 She doesn’t seem like her usually peppy, unique, happy self. The “I feel like everyone hates me bc of the internet” broke me. Like honestly she’s such a sweet, down to earth kind of person and I personally love her. It makes me so sad that society does this

  • briezybae
    briezybae 6 개월 전 +1

    She should do this again! I ADORE HER 💌

  • vance640
    vance640 5 개월 전 +3

    She's a great person. Simple and true i think.

  • sunchild -
    sunchild - 년 전 +23

    i’ve realized ppl either LOVE her or hate her ... there is no in between

  • Jasmine Putmon
    Jasmine Putmon 2 년 전 +3505

    She’s low key hilarious 😂😂 anyone else catching this humor?

    • J T
      J T 2 개월 전

      Bruh, this must be L.A humour then.

    • a d
      a d 3 개월 전

      high key lol. everyone knows she’s absolutely hilarious

    • issa phae
      issa phae 2 년 전 +2

      where were you seven years ago?

    • Annika Phillips
      Annika Phillips 2 년 전

      Jasmine Putmon yuppp I can't believe people don't like her!

  • Irina Boje
    Irina Boje 년 전 +86

    why are these people so serious imagine how awkward jennifer feels when she makes jokes and no one laughs

  • Amir Eghbal
    Amir Eghbal 4 개월 전 +2

    Truth, vulnerability and integrity make a person with a golden heart.

  • Slightly Stressed Blueberry

    She’s great, I love her so much!! 💛

  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 개월 전

    If I were famous I would be so excited to do one of theses, it would be so fun! I would only tell half truths the whole time and it would be so hilarious.

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 3 년 전 +4940

    Her answer ''I feel like everybody hates me'' actually made me tear up a little.

    • emily clark
      emily clark 년 전

      @SirTez why do you hate her cause your weird

    • Asuto
      Asuto 2 년 전

      @SirTez Why ? really i don't understand why

    • Holly Smitt
      Holly Smitt 3 년 전 +3

      Harley Quinn she accidentally moved a rock that almost killed someone so that makes ever a bad person? Something like that literally can’t be helped. As for the “disrespecting culture” thing a lot of people misunderstood that as she didn’t know before hand that the rocks were sacred, so she didn’t intend to be disrespectful. It was a mistake she made years ago let it go.

  • Quality Check
    Quality Check 4 개월 전

    She is sooooo funny … I love her 😊

  • madzz G
    madzz G 년 전

    this is why she is my FAV. She’s so down to earth & honest. what you see is what you get, I love her 😍

  • Juice WRLD
    Juice WRLD 년 전 +46

    “Do you know anyone in the illuminati?”
    Jennifer answered “No” soo fuckin fast it made it a little sus😂😂👌❤️

    • Phoebe's Convenience
      Phoebe's Convenience 11 개월 전

      Not really if its an easy question and she doesn't kniw anyone she can answer quickly and honestly. If she hesitated that would be sus.

  • Chantal Seguin
    Chantal Seguin 3 개월 전

    I wish i could do this. I respect her so much. It must be so cleansing to just answer everything and live in the truth

  • Anon-1
    Anon-1 2 년 전 +11080

    “Are you friends with anyone in the illum-“
    “Are you in the illumin-“ “no”

  • Beau Geste
    Beau Geste 8 개월 전 +2

    She’s an excellent actress. This is all an improv act.

  • Craig Moon
    Craig Moon 년 전

    Honestly love Jen and I'm now going to binge watch her.

  • Bas Waaijer
    Bas Waaijer 년 전

    Its sad that speaking the truth in front of media is nerf wracking for her (for anyone). She appears a wonderful person, especially because of her honesty.

  • Katie Byard
    Katie Byard 10 일 전

    Jennifer and I would literally make really great friends. She's a friggin tripper 😂

  • Raquel E
    Raquel E 2 년 전 +5284

    I’ve never seen such fear as when she was asked if kim Kardashian is her fav Kardashian

    • T
      T 8 개월 전 +1

      She is really close to the family, especially Kris so thats why she made that face she might not want Kim to feel bad for her saying that because we all know Kris is her favorite.

    • Daenerys Targaryen
      Daenerys Targaryen 년 전 +1

      Best question ever💥💥💥

    • Dreamy
      Dreamy 년 전 +19

      she didn't want to say no because Kim will probably start ugly crying again

    • Alana
      Alana 2 년 전 +21

      Her fav is Kris 🙂

  • Kate Archer
    Kate Archer 4 일 전

    "I think about pushing people to the tracks"
    the operator's look: true. also, disturbing.

  • monica ˣ‿ˣ
    monica ˣ‿ˣ 2 개월 전

    Woo that was pretty intense, I like how deep her answers were but I always thought she is pretty sincere and transparent overall

  • Power Stroke thunder stroke

    I love her! Seems like a great woman!

  • Chickenman6969
    Chickenman6969 4 개월 전 +1

    Jennifer Lawrence one of the best actresses if not the best of all time 💯

  • Bronwyn Dunn
    Bronwyn Dunn 년 전

    I think she’s hysterical! Love her!

  • Eleanor Colt
    Eleanor Colt 7 개월 전

    I found incredible similarity between Jennifer in this video and Princess Diana's BBC interview after divorce. Her face expressions, the way she talks and the way she looks at camera, the tone of her voice and her restrained emotion being so stoic.
    If she is cast in the role of Princess Diana, I think she might be able to nail it

  • 𝓐𝓷𝓪
    𝓐𝓷𝓪 년 전 +6

    Interviewer: Are you nervous?
    Jennifer: Yes
    Interviewer: Why?
    Jennifer: I feel like everyone hates me.
    🤣 I feel that.

  • Kamal Fahmi
    Kamal Fahmi 5 개월 전

    this is the most intense lie detector interview i've ever seen. feels like real interogation, especially the illuminati question part....

  • Arshia Ghatak
    Arshia Ghatak 2 년 전 +4192

    "Are you in love with this random guy?"
    *breaks person in picture's heart*

  • Haroof
    Haroof 2 일 전

    Omg I was dying watching the look on her face after she revealed Kim isn’t her favorite Kardashian.

  • Sara González
    Sara González 11 개월 전 +1

    Hahahaha the nervousness in her is so relatable🤣

  • 3L's with Liva
    3L's with Liva 년 전

    She is honest bold that's what I like about her❤️

  • salma ouardouz
    salma ouardouz 년 전 +6

    When she said "I feel like everybody hates me," it made me so sad because I have and still am a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence

  • Cota Maluenda
    Cota Maluenda 2 년 전 +5014

    “Would you date someone shorter than you?” “Yes”
    Where are Jennifer and Josh's shippers?
    The hunger games

    • hungergamesbiggestfan
      hungergamesbiggestfan 6 개월 전

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  • Hello There
    Hello There 29 일 전

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    • Rich A
      Rich A 2 년 전

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    • Rich A
      Rich A 2 년 전

      @FRISHR What??? It really happened?

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