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Riverdale’s Cast Guesses Who’s Kissing Who on Their Show | Vanity Fair

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  • 게시일 2018. 10. 08.
  • Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, Casey Cott, Vanessa Morgan, Madelaine Petsch, Skeet Ulrich, and Madchen Amick play 13 steamy rounds of "Who's Kissing Who?" on their show.
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    Riverdale’s Cast Guesses Who’s Kissing Who on Their Show | Vanity Fair
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  • buhnys
    buhnys 2 년 전 +13853

    “You guys both have nice lips”
    Cole: “what about mine?”
    “They’re fine.”

  • Kacey Howes
    Kacey Howes 년 전 +4959

    It’s funny how Archie and Veronica have like half of the kisses but are not even there lol

  • Lucía Sixto
    Lucía Sixto 년 전 +2150

    "that's us, baby"
    Madelaine is so cute 🥰🥰

  • Elyssa Van Oosten
    Elyssa Van Oosten 년 전 +765

    Casey: “You have Nice lips”
    Mads “Oh thank you”
    Cole: “How about mine”
    Casey: “They’re fine”

  • Bubblegum Blob
    Bubblegum Blob 년 전 +2273

    Madchen: “ I haven’t even gotten a kiss yet
    Skeet: “ me neither”
    Riverdale: well ok

  • Jarrah Smith
    Jarrah Smith 2 년 전 +8187

    this video is literally the reason why i love casey
    “kevin’s always open to kiss mums”

  • Ákos Fekete
    Ákos Fekete 년 전 +1504

    Everyone: *jUgHeAd AnD bEtTy*
    Vanessa: *Archie and Cheryl*
    Cheryl's faces: *:O*

  • Georgia W
    Georgia W 년 전 +441

    *veronica and jughead kiss*
    Madelaine: that was a weird kiss
    Casey: hey those are my friends
    I’m crying 😂

  • Victoria
    Victoria 년 전 +761

    Lili: It was the season 1 finale...
    All: Wow!!!
    Skeet: YoU wAtCh ThE sHoW??!!

  • Majiisen
    Majiisen 년 전 +277

    2:22 It’s so cute when Cole say “Ah ah OKAY I WONT😉” ITS SO CUTE

  • tianna nguyen
    tianna nguyen 3 년 전 +4648

    when casey said “veronica and hiram” i loved madelaines face😂

  • yes
    yes 년 전 +416

    casey: "they've got nice lips"
    cole: "what about mine"
    casey: "they're..fine"

  • olivia
    olivia 년 전 +426

    4:05 look at Cole being Cole XDD

  • Sharah Torres
    Sharah Torres 년 전 +41

    2:47 Mad’s reaction before she say “thats us baby!” Is so cute ❤️

  • lucijfx
    lucijfx 년 전 +316

    Madaline: “That’s Veronica and..?”
    Casey: “Hiram”

  • san
    san 2 년 전 +5406

    Producer: "don't use tongue"
    Lili: "*im not*"
    Cole: "*wELL oK*"
    them: *uses tongue anyway*

    • danna
      danna 개월 전

      @0nlyBettyy you’re* and imo it’s mad embarrassing to have incorrect grammar. idk why you were getting all pressed about it anyway, they were just trying to help your grammar.

    • Addison Himebaugh
      Addison Himebaugh 년 전

      What episode of Riverdale was it

    • 0nlyBettyy
      0nlyBettyy 년 전 +1

      Tanya Tvd it’s alright! Have a good day or night!

    • Tanya Tvd
      Tanya Tvd 년 전

      B0mb _ bxtty oh ok sorry

  • Oliwia Bies
    Oliwia Bies 년 전 +198

    Mädchen: i haven't gotten a kiss yet
    Skeet: me neither
    Casey: maybe you and him will make out?
    Riverdale writers: thank you, Casey

  • aura
    aura 년 전 +171

    When it showed Choni kissing: “ITS CHONII”
    They really lost their minds when that scene played 0-0

  • Takatoshi
    Takatoshi 년 전 +173

    When it's Cheryl and Toni's turn;
    Madelaine: Ohhh that's us babyyy~

  • Idk _ YouTube
    Idk _ YouTube 년 전 +3

    I love how cole is just sitting there on shoulders and smiling 😂

  • sarah lxn
    sarah lxn 2 년 전 +9333

    Everyone: "Toni & Cheryl!"
    Madelaine: "THATS US, BABYYYY"

    • Keeley Mae
      Keeley Mae 년 전 +2

      Mancho Tetunashvili not anymore

    • nina carpi
      nina carpi 년 전 +1

      Madison Carpenter yeah we know that but it was so cutee

    • sebastian
      sebastian 년 전


  • Ni Na
    Ni Na 년 전 +13

    I loved the way madelaine looked at vanessa when they saw their kiss🥺

  • Moreno Cuevas Libny

    Me encantan las caras de Cole 😂❤️

  • Elyssa Van Oosten
    Elyssa Van Oosten 년 전 +2

    Everyone was guessing and then you see Cole and Skeet laughing 😂❤️💗

  • Annie
    Annie 년 전 +58

    Madeleine “I don’t think I like watching people kiss that close up” 😂😂

  • Chloe Alexis
    Chloe Alexis 2 년 전 +7392

    Madelaine: “I see tongue”
    Lili: “well my tongue exists”

  • Lindsay Otts
    Lindsay Otts 년 전 +17

    I love how funny Casey is
    Casey: Kevin's always open to kiss.. M-moms
    Casey again: you guys got some nice lips
    Cole :what about mine
    Casey: yours are.. Fine

  • Elle Smith
    Elle Smith 년 전 +2

    I love the cast together they’re so funny

  • Nathieli Lemos
    Nathieli Lemos 5 개월 전 +1

    Melhor Beijo Foi De Choni Cheryl e Toni 👸👸❤❤


    Aí como eu amo eles

  • Reagan Bradham
    Reagan Bradham 2 년 전 +2799

    I love how proud cole looks when he sees a bughead kiss come up.

  • tilly stevens xx
    tilly stevens xx 년 전 +34

    3:56 Casey saying "hey they are my friends" killed me

  • speedy1313 Games
    speedy1313 Games 년 전 +1

    I cannot even tell you how much I was smiling during the whole scene where Toni rescues Cheryl and they kiss I had been shipping them so hard for so long 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Friends Lover
    Friends Lover 년 전 +1

    I love Madelaine’s smile

  • Rita Correia
    Rita Correia 년 전 +18

    I love like Cole is in the bqackround doing nothing but twisting is hair thinking about jokes silently

  • Cas
    Cas 2 년 전 +9078

    Everyone: “that’s jughead and betty”. Lily: “jughead and Archie”

  • Hailee Smith
    Hailee Smith 년 전 +12

    Casey: ‘Kevin’s always open to kiss mums’
    Madchen: ‘OK!’

  • Martu H
    Martu H 년 전 +2

    Amo a Mads tapandose la cara para no ver😅💋

  • Addisøn
    Addisøn 년 전 +1

    Cole and Casey make me laugh sooo hard

  • Lucy Frampton
    Lucy Frampton 년 전 +2

    If u just watch Cole the whole way through it’s so funny 😂

  • chloe roering
    chloe roering 2 년 전 +1757

    it’s so unhealthy how much i’m addicted to this show and the cast

    • Aanchal Pallod
      Aanchal Pallod 년 전

      Me too

    • Toxic Flower
      Toxic Flower 년 전


    • amaia
      amaia 년 전

      s a m e

    • why not
      why not 년 전 +1

      Yesss omg.even though i didnt want to.watch it cause millinels(i forgot how to spell it)hyped this show and i thought that its lame till there.was nothing to watch on the netflix in my.country.im addicted af

  • Eleonora Damone
    Eleonora Damone 9 개월 전

    How nice of Lili knowing the exact season and episode for each bughead kiss LOL

  • Milene Barbosa
    Milene Barbosa 년 전

    2:16 a 2:36 mds perfeição q fala né ?! 😻

  • ᥣіgһ𝗍 ⍴іᥒk r᥆sᥱs

    Mädchen: She even got a kiss. I haven’t gotten a kiss yet!
    Skeet: Me neither!
    Casey: I thought you and him made out.
    Mädchen/Skeet: NoOo.
    Casey: Well, Kevens always open to kiss… moms.
    Mädchen: Okay!

  • Selma Ertürk
    Selma Ertürk 년 전 +49

    That's Veronica and...
    Casey: Hiram
    Me and the Ricerdale cast: Wtf!
    Casey: You have good lips
    Cole: What about mine?
    Casey: They're fine
    Casey really makes me have fun 😂

  • mari ఌ
    mari ఌ 3 년 전 +3473

    Mads: "That's Veronica and...?"
    Casey: *"Hiram."*
    Mads: 😳😬

  • Dog 47
    Dog 47 년 전

    O cara q faz o fp tá muito feliz tá dando risada o tempo todo

  • Blossom Boba
    Blossom Boba 년 전 +1

    Kevin: “You guys both have nice lips”
    Toni:Thank you! ☺️
    Cheryl: Thank you.💅🏼✨

  • Ilyssa Hagood
    Ilyssa Hagood 년 전 +7

    I died when she said.. "I SEE THE TONGUE I SEE THE TONGUE" 😂😂

  • Judith Lewis
    Judith Lewis 년 전 +49

    Vanessa: “that’s Cheryl and Archie”
    Madeline:”ChErYl aNd ArChIe???”

  • ilana cuttleback
    ilana cuttleback 2 년 전 +2072

    Casey: “you guys both have nice lips”
    Cole: “what about mine?”
    Casey:” there fine..”

    • Sofia Donna
      Sofia Donna 4 개월 전

      @luwen Hu minute?

    • Ladybug
      Ladybug 년 전

      ohhh i thought casey said "the f*ck-"

    • some body
      some body 년 전

      @🦖爪卂ᗪᗪ丂ㄒ乇尺🍄 I love your profile name 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    • Maddie Edits
      Maddie Edits 년 전


  • Lucia 🍉
    Lucia 🍉 년 전

    La cara de Cole todo el vídeo JSJSJSJ morí, que bello Jaja

  • Elyssa Van Oosten
    Elyssa Van Oosten 년 전 +2

    Cole: “And I was like okay i won’t “ he is amazing I love you Cole 😂❤️

  • Tony Purnell
    Tony Purnell 4 개월 전 +1

    I like how they're watching this like coworkers revisiting what happened at that Staff party the other night. 😂

  • Iria Gallego
    Iria Gallego 년 전 +12

    The best part is when they kissed Betty and Jughead and Vanessa said "Cheryl and Archie" and Madeleine says "Cheryl and Archie ?! They are Jughead and Betty!"
    Jjajaajja 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hi I'm madelyn
    Hi I'm madelyn 년 전 +7674

    In conclusion: Archie and Veronica literally kiss in like every scene.

  • Vale Neira
    Vale Neira 년 전

    Jajaja Me Encanta Cuando BHUGET REACCIONA A La De Kevin Y Lo Mira Como Con Asco

  • LunaHalfTuber
    LunaHalfTuber 년 전 +1


  • DaPôtatøSîmp
    DaPôtatøSîmp 4 개월 전

    lili’s face when she said “jughead and veronica” I COULD SMELL THAT JEALOUSY YALL.

  • Rubii Blackdagger

    The reason why I love cole sprouse so much is just look at him every one is standing or sitting normally then there is cole....... 😂❤

  • Iulia
    Iulia 3 년 전 +8246

    “Cheryl and Archie?! That’s Betty and Jughead!”
    “ThAt’S tOnGuE”

  • Georgia W
    Georgia W 년 전 +57

    3:09 Cole trying to act fine watching Betty and Archie kiss.

  • Cameron Schacter
    Cameron Schacter 2 개월 전

    Casey: “you guys both have nice lips”
    Madelaine and Vanessa: “Thank you”
    Cole: “What about mine?”
    Casey: “They’re……….fine”

  • Tylah Applebee
    Tylah Applebee 년 전 +3

    I love that Casey Cott literally spoiled that FP and Alice end up getting together when he said “you guys kiss don’t you” and they were like “Nooooo” but were thinking “shut up Casey” hahahahah

  • Angelic Anna
    Angelic Anna 년 전

    Coles facial expressions are everything 🤭😭

  • Maddie m
    Maddie m 2 년 전 +2960

    Vanessa: “that’s Cheryl and Archie”
    Madeline:”ChErYl aNd ArChIe???”

    • J J
      J J 년 전


    • Soumya
      Soumya 년 전

      @Maddie m no worries

    • Maddie m
      Maddie m 년 전 +1

      Soumya Mishra soryyyy

    • ItsTJtheGreatest
      ItsTJtheGreatest 년 전 +2

      they had a kiss in the first season

  • nandita tr
    nandita tr 8 개월 전 +1

    i remember coming across this video 3 yrs ago not knowing who these people are and now i love this cast so much

  • Fátima Galván
    Fátima Galván 년 전 +1

    Las caras de cole🤣

  • TurkeyBlender
    TurkeyBlender 2 개월 전

    Casey: "You guys both have nice lips"
    Madelaine and Vanessa: "Thank you"
    Cole: "What about mine?"
    Casey: "They're..fine"

  • Aaliyah Saravia
    Aaliyah Saravia 11 개월 전

    “ and I was like ok I won’t” I love cole 😂

  • Olivia Ross
    Olivia Ross 2 년 전 +2378

    Producer: "Don't use tongue"
    Bughead: *every kissing scene has tongue*
    I just love bughead💗

    • Kayla
      Kayla 년 전

      Nahhh....I LIVE for Choni❤🤪

    • GirlNamedAlisha
      GirlNamedAlisha 년 전

      @Amina Akter 😂😂

    • •Octo Payton•
      •Octo Payton• 년 전 +2

      •sxshx• its bughead the ship name

    • Dwight Schrute
      Dwight Schrute 2 년 전 +3

      Devon J if you watch season 2 episode 14 u will understand why she said vughead but I still like bughead way more

  • Desi Crawford
    Desi Crawford 년 전

    Cole is straight up loving watching them kiss 😂

  • ConiferousMoy
    ConiferousMoy 년 전


    GABIXG 년 전

    2:54 The funny thing is that Vanessa is laughing nervous 😂

  • Jersey Scott
    Jersey Scott 년 전 +13

    I love how venessa and Madeline are fine after kissing in riverdale

  • Ashlene Cooper
    Ashlene Cooper 3 년 전 +4949

    Casey- you have nice lips
    Vanessa and Madeleine- Thank you
    Cole- what about mine
    Casey- they’re... they’re fine
    IM DEAD😂😂😂😂

    • mcyt fan
      mcyt fan 2 년 전


    • Reagin Wright
      Reagin Wright 2 년 전 +5

      Ashlene Cooper Casey’s that friend I would always want near me 😂😂😂

    • Beth
      Beth 2 년 전


    • lenaaa hsg
      lenaaa hsg 2 년 전 +2

      Ashlene Cooper 😂😂

    • King Tae
      King Tae 2 년 전 +2


  • Nathieli Lemos
    Nathieli Lemos 6 개월 전

    Só os TOPISIMOS 🤩😍😍❤😘👏

  • potato queen
    potato queen 년 전

    Cole is so touchy touchy and I love it lol. Just arms up on Casey and skeet

  • Selma
    Selma 17 일 전 +2

    Las caras de cole y lili cuando salía besos bughead JAJAKA

  • Amoongus
    Amoongus 4 개월 전

    One of the best casts ever

  • Raegan Wasko
    Raegan Wasko 3 년 전 +1954

    “Kevin is always open to kiss moms” I DIED😂😂

  • Emma Bartlett
    Emma Bartlett 년 전

    Madalaine: That was such a wired kiss
    Casey: hey, hey, hey those are my friends

  • •Gacha_ Cookies•

    I think in round six its Madeline and Vanessa(cheryl and toni)😂❤✌its my favourite couple with Lilli and cole(betty and jughead)💞😇

  • Camila Perez
    Camila Perez 년 전

    Todos cuando vieron el beso choni: Wowww increible
    Nessa: *cagandose de risa* 😂😂😂

  • Masha
    Masha 년 전 +2


  • Caden
    Caden 년 전

    Lili is the EMBODIMENT of me reacting to river dale.

  • Diann Riverdale
    Diann Riverdale 년 전 +12

    *Showing Varchie kissing*
    Everyone: It’s archie and veronica
    Madelaine: again
    Cassey: Next
    •Showing Choni kissing*
    Everyone: *Smiles* Woooowww
    Madelaine: it’s us babeee

  • Shelda Ferreira bomfim


  • Aleigha Vann
    Aleigha Vann 년 전 +3

    Skeet: “let’s go to the tape!”
    Casey: “let’s kiss”

  • Stayedmermaid
    Stayedmermaid 2 년 전 +3274

    3:54 Madelaine: That’s A wierd kiss
    Casey: Hey those are my friends

    • Im gonna stop you right there
      Im gonna stop you right there 2 년 전

      Made lame

    • Noone
      Noone 2 년 전 +2

      @Legendary Jo he kinda looks like he got cheated hahaha

    • Legendary Jo
      Legendary Jo 2 년 전 +10

      Cole looks so disappointed about that seven

    • loveaubreyxo
      loveaubreyxo 2 년 전 +21

      it’s madelaine. madelame is her social media accounts lol

  • italianrrylwt
    italianrrylwt 년 전

    2:43 Cole's face 😂

  • blissxfull
    blissxfull 년 전 +1

    how does this not make them feel awkward? 🤣

  • Amaya Hernandez
    Amaya Hernandez 년 전 +1

    THAT'S US, BABY jfjsjsjja amo a Made 🤣❤️

  • Josephine Stewart
    Josephine Stewart 년 전 +3

    casey:you two both have nice lips.
    cheryl and vanessa:aww thank you
    cole:how about mine?
    casey:...they are fine.

  • Line Memequeen
    Line Memequeen 3 년 전 +4294

    0:18 “Cole and...Jughead and Betty."I laughed too hard haha

    • Jamil Sraizi
      Jamil Sraizi 년 전


    • Jamil Sraizi
      Jamil Sraizi 년 전


    • juliet cannon
      juliet cannon 3 년 전 +45

      Line Memequeen there are probably used to watching cole and lili kiss so.,.

    • C
      C 3 년 전 +9

      @Emma haha ikr

  • m
    m 년 전 +13

    2:19 cole : “i don’t play” lol😂😂

  • Melina Röwer
    Melina Röwer 년 전

    Best moment 2:04
    "Thats cheryl and archie"
    Madelaine's reaction

  • MT
    MT 년 전

    0:44 “you watch the show”🤣 skeet is too funny

  • Dxkota
    Dxkota 11 개월 전 +4

    Madeliane:That was a weird kiss…
    Vanessa:Yeah yeah..
    Cole:*Goes Quiet for the rest of the video*

  • Sorry, Love
    Sorry, Love 년 전 +1

    I love how the guys are alwaysssssssss getting cut off it's so funny😂🤣🤣